How to write a media advisory for an event

How to write a media advisory for an event

In this article we are going to point out the basic premises of writing a media advisory for an event and the steps to follow in order to produce it correctly. We will cover everything from the basic aspects of what must be included, to the format and how to send the communication. Let us start from the beginning.  

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What is a media advisory ?

A media advisory is a document sent to the media to publicise the celebration of an act or event. It must be brief, concise and written in objective tone. Thus, we can achieve a high profile in a broad-based public if it proves interesting for different areas of the media.

The importance of a good media advisory for an event

When writing a media advisory for an event several key points must be taken into account, such as the purpose of the event, the target public, date and time, venue, theme… Basic information must be included in the media advisory: date, time, venue, description of the event, special guests etc. It is also important to attach images and logos which give an official character to the communication.   

It is important that the advisory should be drafted using  simple, clear language and without spelling mistakes. 

How to send a media advisory

You have organised an event and you want to publicise it. How do you send a press advisory? There are many ways to do this, but nowadays the most frequent one is by email. As a rule, a brief introduction is written so that the recipient knows the subject of the communication and then a PDF file is attached.  

A very useful tip we can give you is to make that PDF user friendly. With some PDF files, sometimes it is not possible to copy the text in one go and then paste it in a text editor. Take care with these things. Anything you can do to make the work of the journalist easier will increase the possibilities of the media advisory being published if it is relevant. Furthermore, you can upload the media advisory to the corporate blog of the company and connect to it via a link.

Another thing you must always do is include contact information so that the journalists can come to you or the person responsible for the communication of the event if they have any queries or suggestions. 

Media advisory template for an event

When we are talking of how to draw up a media advisory for an event, there is a specific formula which must be followed. Let us look at its structure: 

  • Title: This is the opportunity to grab the attention of the journalist and make him want to read on. The nature of the event must however, be summed up succinctly.   
  • Introductory paragraph: You must give a brief description of the event, including who the organiser is, what the occasion is and why it is important. 
  • Details of the event: Give details of what will happen in the event. Here, you must include the time, date, place… dress code if there is one, or extra information which you may consider relevant.
  • Contact information: Give the name of the person people can contact to obtain further information. Make sure to include an email address and phone number. 

Sample of a media advisory for an event

This is an example of a media advisory for an event.


The  Gervis Group will present the StartUP revelation awards on May 22nd 2022

Alicante ,May 1st 2022. As in previous years, The Gervis Group is organising the Revelation StartUP awards, the most important ones in the province of Zamora to offer recognition to young entrepreneurs.

This will take place next Tuesday 22nd May at 11 a.m. when the award winners will be announced:  3 young people from Zamora who will receive a cash contribution of 50.000€ in order to support their corporate project. The event will take place in the Zamora Town Hall and be attended by the mayor of the municipality, José Martos Pérez who will be accompanied by the CEO of The Gervis group, Gervasio Echániz and the councillor for Finance, Matías Pedraza.

José Martos Pérez will also take part in a press conference at the end of the event, so we ask the interested members of the media to confirm your attendance by email at or by phone on 565789089.

We look forward to welcoming you to the act. 

These would be the steps to follow in order to create a correct media advisory for an event. We hope that this example provides support and help when preparing yours.