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How to write a press release for an event

A press release is one of the fundamental steps and a very valuable resource to increase the outreach of the activity of a company. In the case of the celebration of an event, it can be useful to spread among the public opinion the success of the event in which our company has taken part, enhancing the awareness of our brand and promoting a positive opinion among the public. It is also a tool which when used with the appropriate constancy, can help to establish positive relations with the media.  

The drawing up of a press release for an event need not be a complicated task but we must know how to push the right buttons in order to reach the right  person, at the right time and in the right way, so that our action is successful.  

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What is a press release?

A press release is a communication tool which companies use to give prominence in the mass media to a newsworthy event regarding their activity. Commonly, it is a written article sent to the media which contains the most relevant information.      

It is frequently used by brands in an attempt to disseminate a newsworthy matter via the media on a mass level and without charge.

The importance of a good press release for an event.

Relevance is the key factor. A good press release must be above all, relevant; of interest. Only in this way will the media be prepared to publish it. This means that before drawing up a press release we must make sure that the information being diffused contains information which is interesting for the public and that in one way or another it is useful for them to form an impression of the events happening in their surroundings.

When should the press release be sent?

The same press release could be newsworthy one day, but not the following day. This variation comes from a basic concept which the mass media uses: the news diary.

The media diary establishes what is relevant and what is not, depending on what happens every day. Therefore, it is important to choose days when newsworthy activity is of low intensity in order to try to get our company´s communication published. Generally speaking, activity is at its lowest in the summer, at weekends, public holidays… when political and economic activity is lower.   

Likewise, we must take into account which is the moment when the news that we wish to share with the media is most relevant. We must never lose our sense of topicality. 

Given that the media often distribute communications by department, it is essential that the right person receives it: Is our event related with tourism, economy, sport…? Who is the media person with decision making capacity in each section? This is a prior task which is beneficial to carry out as it will notably improve the outreach of the event.

Model of a press release for an event

Here we will share with you what an outline example of a press release for the celebration of a company event looks like. 

  • Place the logo of the brand, clearly visible, at the top of the document.
  • Start with an attractive headline which briefly summarises the content.
  • Write the place and date at the beginning of the first paragraph.
  • Write the most relevant information in the form of an inverted pyramid. This means writing the most important part at the beginning and then sharing the information paragraph by paragraph, going from more to less important. 
  • Finally, you must provide information of the person in the company they must contact to obtain more details of the event.

Example of a press release for an event

(Logo of the National Carpet Federation)

The National Carpet Federation brings together the magnates of the sector in Murcia.  

Murcia, March 11th 2022. The National Carpet Federation successfully celebrated its annual event for the most important business representatives of the sector. This year, Murcia was the chosen site.

During the event, the latest trends and novelties of the sector were presented.The attendees were able to learn at first-hand the innovations of the principle manufacturers along with their products and services. 

The National Carpet Federation wishes to thank publicly all those guests who attended the event, which it has described as “a resounding success“. 

For further information please call 999 888 777 or send an email to

Remember that your press release must focus on the most important aspects of the event and be sure to include all the essential information that the journalists will need. With a little effort you can prepare a great press release for an event.