Santa Maria Group

The Santa Maria group is backed by more than 40 years

of a solid business trajectory. Established projects on the international stage confirm the attentive and untiring work that its founder, Georges Santa Maria, has carried out throughout his entire life.

The opening to other markets and the continuous international projection define the identity of our group.


Hotels, entertainment and real estate

form part of the constant activity of a business group which, in addition to having strong roots, continues to expand its activity into other markets and to diversify its offerings throughout the world.


A tight group of professionals

with proven experience and management skills, vast knowledge of potential and emerging markets, a close study of the current socio-economic situation, tireless interest in quality, added to curiosity in researching and discovering new ways of working are some of the key reasons that the Santa Maria Group has long been an example of business success.

Who We Are


Our Team


Stéphane Mockels

Managing Director

Agustina Lopardo

Sales Director

Iván Navarro

Front Office Manager Grand Luxor Hotel