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Types of dress code for celebrations and events

Certain events or occasions require a particular dress code. This concept has become more widespread and may be necessary in a professional or personal context. So in this article we want to review the principal types which currently exist.

What is a dress code?

We can define dress codes as a series of social norms which oblige the person to dress in a particular way, for a party, conference or meeting which may be part of our working or social life. There are moments when common sense prevails. For instance, it is not the same to attend a wedding, White Party or a business dinner with a firm of lawyers.

However, these rules are not written anywhere and will depend on the style of the host. In fact, in many social events and parties, the invitation itself indicates the dress code which all the guests will have to adhere to. 

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Types of dress code for celebrations or corporate events

Nowadays there are many types of dress code to consider. Some of the most frequent ones are:

White tie or full evening dress

White Tie is the smartest dress code that we can encounter. We must go in full evening dress. This means women must wear a long evening dress and their best shoes, high heels are recommended.In contrast, for men there are several options: Apart from a black tail coat, a suit with tie and waistcoat may be worn. On certain occasions, wearing a bow tie is also permitted.    

Black tie or  tuxedo

Smart dress is required but in black tie dress code it is not compulsory to wear the smartest clothes. However, this does not prevent men from choosing a tuxedo. Women, however, must wear a long dress and high heels combined with other accessories to highlight their elegance.

Business or formal dress code

Business dress is used for those evening events where black or white tie  dress is not necessary. Men must choose a suit which differs from what they would normally wear. Women, however, have different options although a long dress, high heels and accessories are recommended.

Cocktail dress code

Generally speaking, cocktail events are usually in the evening. Men should wear a suit, a tie being optional. Women, on the other hand may choose to wear a blouse combining with a skirt or a shorter knee length dress. Comfort begins to be the most important factor, without exceeding the limits of good taste.

Smart casual

This is one of the dress codes that generates most confusion as it mixes two concepts which we must bear in mind. On the one hand we must select more informal styles of dress but also combine them with smarter items of clothing. The objective is to be well-dressed but at the same time informal.

For example, it is possible to combine a jacket with sports shoes. The same thing applies for women, who can combine a dress with not so smart shoes. 


Finally, casual style, which  does not have many rules. The only requirement is that common sense prevails. We must think of the type of event we are going to attend Both men and women can go in jeans, combined with a polo shirt or a shirt which makes them feel comfortable and at ease.

In conclusion, dress code is fundamental to bear in mind for particular events where the aesthetics are important, especially when we have a professional objective to achieve.