Rural tourism

Agritourism in corporate events: From the office to the countryside

In today’s business world, where innovation and adaptability are essential, companies are constantly looking for ways to reinvent their strategies and approaches. One of these innovations is the turn that some companies are already taking towards agritourism in their corporate events, incentive trips, team building activities, etc. 

Why limit yourself to the walls of an office or a conventional conference hall when the vast and serene countryside provides you with a unique setting? In this post we encourage you to explore and discover how the rural environment not only enriches the experience, but also enhances creativity, team cohesion and sustainability in the business world.

Picture: Dylan Gillis en Unsplash

The rural MICE, against the monotony of classic events

The MICE industry (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, and Exhibitions) has boomed in the last few decades. So much so, that we are now even going through a certain saturation in the way in which corporate events are organised. Apart from the brands that suddenly come up with a show of refreshing creativity, the fact is that many events end up being predictable, as if they were launched robotically, without being able to surprise or get the participants actively involved, because they have become used to a constant dynamic of having to take part in and experiencing the events. Naturally, this repetitiveness ends up diminishing the enthusiasm and the interest of the participants, which leads to less user or customer brand loyalty and awareness.

In this scenario, agritourism is like a breath of fresh air, it is an appealing alternative. Natural landscape, small remote villages, restored farmhouses, a cabin in the woods or a country estate have all become the attractions of some companies to provide their employees, partners or customers with a new incentive. The MICE agritourism not only provides a change of scenery, it also opens up a wide range of possibilities: from outdoor workshops to group dynamics in natural environments. These new activities might favour a change of mind that results in new ideas, it strengthens the cohesiveness of the members of a team and it enriches any activity that is related to the MICE sector with unique and memorable experiences.

Benefits of the agritourism business

Knowing that there is a rural alternative to the classic business tourism, now let’s ask ourselves: what are the advantages and the benefits of choosing a rural environment for a corporate event? There are tangible and intangible benefits to be enjoyed by your company and those taking part in your event.

  • It involves really connecting with Nature: The natural environment helps to get away from all the noise and the stress of the city, it lets the participants focus on the event and its objectives with a clear and relaxed mind.
  • Fewer distractions: As they are far away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, there are fewer distractions in rural environments, which might increase the productivity and the participants’ focus during the event.
  • It can favour creative stimuli: The rural landscape, the mental silence and the tranquillity of the countryside might be a source of inspiration, which promotes creativity and innovative thinking.
  • It strengthens relationships and it favours team work: The outdoor activities, such as hiking or group dynamics in natural environments, can improve team cohesion and promote collaboration. This will directly lead to a better work environment.
  • The versatility of spaces: From meeting rooms in old farmhouses to outdoor areas, the rural environment has a variety of unique places that can be adapted to different types of events.
  • It is a sustainable activity: Choosing a rural setting usually involves a smaller environmental footprint, and it might contribute to the economic development of local communities.
  • We offer health and well-being to our guests: The fresh air, the open spaces and the chance to do physical activity in nature might have a positive impact on the physical and mental well-being of the participants.
  • Great value for money: Prices are often more competitive in rural regions than the conventional urban areas, which might help the company save money.

Tips to organise a corporate event in a rural environment

Here are a few tips that will help you guarantee that your corporate event in a rural setting is a success and memorable experience for all the participants.

  • It has to be easily accessible bearing in mind the transport connections and the distance from the main cities or airports.
  • It must have the necessary infrastructure to carry out the activity, such as conference rooms, projectors, internet connection, etc.
  • There must be accommodation available or, at least, accommodation options nearby where the participants can stay. Take the capacity and the quality of the facilities into account.
  • Make sure, insofar as it is possible, that the weather is suitable for the event, especially if it is outdoors.
  • Make sure that the event does not have a negative impact on the environment, especially in terms of waste and noise.  
  • It has to be a safe area where the participants are not in any danger, especially if the event is held in a remote location.

Rural settings for MICE events close to Benidorm

Although Benidorm is world famous for its beaches and skyscrapers, the fact is that it is surrounded by stunning natural scenery and rural areas that might be ideal for corporate activities. There are options close to our Grand Luxor Business & Events hotel where activities in rural settings can be organised:

  • Sierra Helada (Serra Gelada): This is a natural park that is located between Benidorm, l’Alfàs del Pi and Altea. It is ideal for hiking and it has panoramic views of the Mediterranean. The hiking routes can be an excellent team building activity.
  • Guadalest: About 30 minutes away from Benidorm by car, this small town is famous for its castle and the impressive views of the Guadalest reservoir. It is the perfect place for day excursions, cultural visits and outdoor workshops.
  • Las Fuentes del Algar: Located near Callosa d’En Sarrià, these natural waterfalls create a refreshing environment for outdoor and team building activities. Participants can enjoy a swim in the natural pools.
  • Canelobre Caves: Located in Busot, about 40 minutes away from Benidorm, these caves are one of the main geological attractions of the area. They might be the perfect setting for a memorable and different activity.
  • Vall de Ebo: This is a quiet rural area, ideal for outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking or corporate picnics.

After a day full of activities in the countryside, participants can return to the comfort and the amenities of the Grand Luxor Business & Events hotel in Benidorm. We think that this combination of nature and luxury guarantees a unique and memorable experience for all the participants.

The MICE agritourism, an option to bear in mind

In a world that is saturated with information, the impact of advertising and in-person events, it is worthwhile looking beyond the classic venues. The MICE agritourism is an alternative that is full of possibilities, where nature, culture and authenticity take the centre stage. Whether it is for a private team meeting, a large congress or an incentive trip, the rural environment provides a setting that favours creativity, it strengthens ties and it promotes sustainability. It is time to consider agritourism not only as an option, but also as an opportunity to enrich and revitalize the MICE world.