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Types of corporate events to promote your brand

There are ever more entities that integrate the organisation of corporate events into their 360 marketing strategies.Company events have the capacity to work as an integrating element when they are actions on an internal level , and to foster relationships with clients and associates when they are done externally

Within the whole  that we refer to as company events , different acts exist which offer benefits to the organising company in the short, medium and long term and which pursue different reactions.

Let us define first , however , the concept of a company event so we can subsequently define the types.  

What is a company event ?

A company event is a corporate act whose objective is to communicate a message , either in relation to  a product , service or the brand, or to generate a feeling which will later result in the participants carrying out a particular action. 

Types of corporate events

Within the spectrum of existing corporate events we can differentiate between them depending on their nature and the objectives they pursue. 

Let us consider some examples of these types of corporate actions.

Product or service presentations.

A product presentation is a company event whose aim is to introduce a product or service to its clients, partners or staff of its own company. 

They may be presided over by the figure of a presenter chosen from this type of professional sector  or it may be a member of the company who directly assumes the functions of master of ceremonies.The principal benefit would be to make the products and services known so that they can be presented, accepted or acquired by the audience present at the event.

Press conferences

A press conference is a corporate statement whose objective is to communicate a message to the media.It is a face to face event where the message is communicated , having previously invited media representatives so that they will subsequently spread the message.  


A showroom is a space in which a brand or a company concentrates its offer of services or products in order that the participants can see them in person. It is a concept which is used particularly in the fashion sector, although it is true that it has become standard practice for the presentation of other types of physical products such as electronic goods . 

Motorcycle showroom
Picture: Sumit Saharkar en Unsplash


Roadshows are itinerant events repeated in several places so as to reach a large number of people. They allow users from many different locations to have a physical presence in a setting created by the brand in order to display their products or services.

Gala dinners

Gala dinners or lunches are corporate acts which revolve around a table.They can be the culmination of one or several sessions of an event, or alternatively , the central pillar of the promotion.They are generally conceived as acts to establish positive personal and professional relationships in a festive but demanding atmosphere.

Team building actions

The actions of Team Building are celebrations designed to improve the performance and work relations between workers.They are most often based on games and recreational activities which foment specific attitudes considered positive in a working environment.They are also effective for transmitting a company philosophy and transferring it to everyday actions between workers.

Shareholder meetings

Shareholder meetings are acts of an internal nature where the annual results are presented to the owners and shareholders of a company or organisation.  

Main picture: Headway en Unsplash

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