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10 best creative team building activities for your company

Team Building activities are an excellent way to foster a culture of teamwork, improve productivity and create stronger links among employees.

Having highly qualified staff is not a guarantee that a company will reach its objectives. It is very important to take into account the human side of people, that everybody shares the same values and of course, it is essential that they are well integrated as a team. 

In order to motivate employees and achieve that bond and commitment which the performance of the company will depend on, it is advisable to put in place the following team buliding activities. Are you already aware of what this entails?

In this article you will discover how to put into practice team building strategies to obtain the best results. So if you are ready to boost the productivity of your team, keep on reading to discover   how team building can benefit your company. Read on, as in the following lines we will explain it to you.

What is team building?

Team building is a system whereby different activities and games are used, in order to help with the construction and cohesion of teams of people promoting communication, collaboration and the group work of the team members. 

Thanks to these activities, the participants learn to work together, strengthening the links between them and building a better work culture. The desired result is to improve productivity and the performance of a working group.

As the European School of Management sets out, 40% of staff obtain better results when they feel more committed to their work groups. This has led to the creation of the corporate technique of team building. This is a tool to foment team spirit among employees by means of activities organized by the company. The main objective of this technique is ultimately teamwork.

Using this tool, companies will achieve huge benefits with their staff: they will be more motivated, which will increase their creativity and productivity, they will feel a greater sense of belonging to the group, they will create more bonds with their colleagues and will improve their communication skills. 

Who created team building?

The first time that the importance of forming work groups to improve the development and performance of a company was talked about was in the book “The Group Mind” by William McDougal between 1920 and 1930. Later, it was Elton Mayo who focused on studying the relationship between a good working atmosphere and productivity;  Namely, when the worker feels content in his company, his productivity increases.

10 Team Building dynamics for team working

Depending on the target to be reached, we can find activities to integrate new team members in order to foment strategic thinking, to work side by side etc. There are many different types of them but here we will show you the three most creative team building activities. We offer 10 fun and exciting team building activities for you to implement in your company

  1. Team leader: In this game, a leader is chosen for each team. The teams have to work together to complete a specific task. The leaders will meet together to coordinate the actions but the rest of the members of each team will never see the team members of the other team. The objective of the game is for the leader of each team to guide their colleagues through the task, which will help them to learn how to work together to reach a common objective. 
  2. Employee getting to know you game: Breaking the ice with your coworkers in the office is often a rather difficult task as you never know where to begin the conversation. In order to do this, a very useful activity is for each person to write down anonymously, three adjectives which define oneself or one´s hobbies. Subsequently, these papers are distributed among all the employees who have to guess the person in question.
  1. Building a robot: This team game calls for the members of the group to work together in order to build a robot. This will help them to learn how to work together to achieve an objective as well as developing creative thinking skills. 
  1. Overcoming a challenge: Here we can find several types of activities such as organising an escape room or sports activities which require decision making and having an affective bond with colleagues. 
  1. The rope game: In this game, the members of the team are joined by a rope. The aim is that they all work together to complete a task such as passing below a bar without letting go of the rope.
  1. Word game: In this game the members of the team are required to work together to complete a task. The team members are divided into two groups and they receive a list of words. Each team has to work together to think of the best way to use the words in order to create a story or poem.
  1. Obstacle race: The teams have to work together to overcome different obstacles and reach the finish line. This activity fosters cooperation and communication between the members of the team.
  1. The thief game: In this game the teams have to work together to collect the greatest number of objects possible and take them to a safe place before the thief finds them. 
  1. Treasure trove: This activity involves the hunt for objects via a series of clues, riddles and problems. This activity encourages creativity, collaboration and teamwork.
  1. Role play: This activity calls for the teams to exchange roles to work together in order to complete a task. This activity promotes collaboration, flexibility and creativity.

As you will have discovered, there are lots of fun team building activities to break the ice with your employees. Do you know any others? What is your favourite one ? 

Picture: MD Duran on Unsplash

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