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Trends in events catering 2022-2023

The celebration of events requires on many occasions the hiring of catering services. Offering this type of service is in many cases an act which is expected in a society like ours where eating has become a social activity, especially in Mediterranean countries. As a result of this, making catering services available at events with clients, corporate acts or small group presentations is a must which all organizers have to offer.  

A sector in constant change and evolution such as MICE events is also subject to the latest trends in event organization which in one way or another involves the choice of food.

We set out below the latest trends in catering for event celebration in 2023.

Personalized catering

Depending on the space chosen and the number of guests attending the event,you will need to hire different types of catering services. 

Furthermore, in a social context where diversity and multiculturalism is increasing its presence, you will have to account for the type of diet and food allergies of each person. A trend which is clearly seen at catering events is vegetarian or vegan food, lactose or gluten free options or even food which does not contain animal products such as pork.  

Themed catering

If we speak of multiculturalism, we are talking of one of the most  leading edge trends of recent years in practically any sector.As is only to be expected, the catering and hospitality sector has joined this trend, offering food stations and events where the theme is different cultures and styles.  

Although different gastronomic preparations with designs based on types of cuisine such as Spanish or the rest of the Mediterranean cooking styles are on offer, currently, trends based on alternative cultures are the most sought after. Examples of these are Japanese (a trend of the last few years) or more exotic and unknown styles such as Central or South American, lesser known parts of Asia, or the exotic island cultures. Products designed with a particular festivity or celebration in mind are still being used.

Self-service for diners

Hiring self-service catering services is ideal for large scale events. One of its advantages is the possibility of offering all types of products instantly whilst simplifying complicated logistics. Moreover, the elimination of sanitary restrictions and the low incidence of coronavirus in 2022 has allowed this type of catering to gather strength in 2023 due to its versatility and ease of implementation.   

Gastronomy –  100% ecological and healthy

There is an ever greater awareness of climate change and the beneficial properties of ecological products. Commiting to locally produced products which are free from chemicals is a winning choice. The real food movement has been gathering strength over the last few years. This draws upon healthy ecological foodstuffs such as fruit and vegetables avoiding the consumption of ultraprocessed food and foments the Km zero economy.

In addition to this, we can opt for a sustainable kitchenware, built on a base of recyclable materials like bamboo or compostable cardboard.

So if you want to enjoy a unique experience while you are fighting to save the planet and take care of your health and that of your guests, an ecological catering service is the answer to surprise your guests by celebrating a sustainable event

Local products

Following on from the previous point, the growing concern over the impact of industrial production and transport of foodstuffs has resulted in more catering services offering local and sustainable food, such as organic or locally produced.  

This type of catering favours several aspects which make it a good option to project an image of committed social reponsibility. Zero kilometre products not only avoid a high consumption of fuel arising from the transport of food from distant places, but they also give a boost to local commerce, helping the small businesses and the local community where the event is held.   

Interactive culinary experiences

Some catering companies are offering interactive culinary experiences such as live food stations or cooking classes to make the event more enjoyable and memorable for the guests. We refer to culinary activities where the guests can participate and collaborate in the preparation of the food during the event, adding an element of surprise and fun to the event whilst helping to create a warmer more welcoming ambiance where the guests feel more involved in the event.

Live cooking or showcooking, continues to be one of the most attractive offerings which can make a difference to our event, creating an unforgettable experience. Guests can choose the different foods and ingredients they wish to try. They can actively participate in the preparation process of their gastronomic menu. 

A number of catering companies even offer cookery classes where the guests can learn to prepare different dishes and take home these cooking skills. 

There is also another very attractive bonus, which is the possibility of hiring haute cuisine chefs to convert this experience into a prestigious event with media recognition.

Online catering service for virtual events

If we delve a little further into the offer of mobile gastronomy at events, the popularity of virtual events, both hybrid and online allow us to see more catering companies offering online service options:

  • Delivery of catering boxes which include different food options
  • Virtual catering service where chefs prepare food live while participants of the event watch and take part in the preparation of the dishes via videoconference.
  • Virtual buffet options in which the participants of the event can choose their dishes and drinks via an online platform and then pick up or receive the food by home delivery.

Mobile catering or foodtrucks

At open air events, food trucks or mobile catering services are the best option for enjoying the good weather and tasting all kinds of dishes.

The gastronomy of food trucks can offer us infinite possibilities, from mobile kitchens specialised in high quality gastronomic experiences. Premium products, including more exotic cuisine and even food trucks specialised in vegan food.

Themed catering

If you decide to go for an event where the ambiance is set by themes or styles then you must complement this with the corresponding catering service. 

In this way, it is possible to offer different culinary preparations with designs based on various types of food such as Spanish cooking, the rest of Mediterranean cuisine or Asian gastronomy. Another option is to offer products which relate to a particular festivity or celebration.


Live cooking represents one of the most innovative proposals to make our event stand out and convert the experience into an unforgettable one.

The attendees can choose the different foods and ingredients they wish to try. They will take an active part in the way their menu is prepared

You will also be able to hire the services of high cuisine chefs, thus converting the experience into a prestigious event with a high media profile.  

Creative cooking with 3D printing

This trend permits us to make personalised products available by saving time and growing the creativity of the gastronomic preparations for our event.

The technology of 3D printing grants us the opportunity to create different layers of ingredients, arranged in imaginative shapes created by a 3D printer, playing with innovative textures and tastes which differentiate the preparation of your menu. 

Finger food at events

This new trend is currently the star feature of many buffets and events offered by catering services. In a finger food buffet, guests can try different dishes and eat with their hands. This style of eating combines gourmet and practicality, by offering recipes prepared with all their flavours but in miniature portions.