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Tips for organizing a sustainable event

A sustainable event, as the ones Grand Luxor Hotel & Village organizes, can be the perfect presentation card for a business. Below, we will review why and how we can organize it

Practical recommendations for a sustainable corporate event

When preparing an event of this type, it is essential that we evaluate some essential aspects.

  • The location: It is preferable that natural light predominates and that it can be fully exploited. It is better if it is outdoors. If it’s held in an enclosed space, we should be able to regulate the temperature using the potential air currents that run through the facility.
  • The timetable: If instead of starting when the sun has fallen, we do it a few hours earlier, it will be possible to benefit from natural light. Installing complementary lighting based on solar energy is always appropriate.
  • Do not use too much paper for promotion: It is more appropriate to offer all the information on social networks avoiding the printing of posters, brochures, tickets or leaflets. Digital in a sustainable corporate event allows us to send a QR code that facilitates access to the event thus reducing paper consumption.
  • The efficiency of catering: The company must be either from the same city or nearby, and it is advisable not to make the mistake of offering the standard menu. Trying local and seasonal products is not only more environmentally friendly, but also more pleasant for those attending the event. It is better to surprise than to offer more of the same.
  • The material of promotional gifts: Bamboo, cork or recycled paper are three good examples. Neither plastic, leather nor steel are reliable alternatives. We must remember that sustainability is not only focused on reducing energy consumption, but also on the type of materials to be used in the manufacture of products.
  • Decoration: It must be natural and recyclable. Nowadays, it is possible to manufacture glasses, chairs, tables and decorative elements with recycled cardboard. Every detail counts, and achieving the final objective is much simpler by opting for the options described above

What are the advantages of organizing a sustainable corporate event?

A sustainable corporate event is the confirmation that our company does not only use ecology as a marketing strategy. Among other advantages, it is necessary to value the importance of those that we now comment.

  • Savings: As there is no need to consume energy or pay for a specific catering service, it is easier to lighten the event’s bill. Recycled materials are more economical and allow us to better fit the budget.
  • Reputation enhancement: Matching what you say with what you do is the first step toward recognition. Reviewing in detail all the aspects that come into play in an event of this type allows us to project an image much closer to the one that the potential client has of our activity
  • Raising public awareness: Every event has a real objective (the promotion of a product or a celebration, among others), but the consequences of its celebration should not be overlooked. Indirectly, we will be demonstrating that, if we want to, it is possible to be sustainable also in this type of events.
  • The benefit at the local level: Hiring local employees to participate in the event is an economic incentive to be taken into account. Everything has a positive influence on the final result.

Now that we have shown the keys to organize a sustainable event, it will be easier to design one that fits each type of business. At Gran Luxor Hotel & Village we are committed to sustainability, being a key factor in the organization of all our events.

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