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The digital profile, the ecological alternative in a corporate event

Climate change and the sanitary crisis of the last two years have transformed users´ consumer habits dramatically, making them more and more aware of the acquisition of products based on the circular economy through socially responsible companies.

Sustainablity and care for the environment is a rising trend among consumers whose demand for a responsible economy can be satisfied thanks to the new technologies

This transformation has also become clear  in the field of MICE tourism through a new methodology which eliminates traditional actions such as the use of the information profile in a physical format, improving the experience of the attendees and additionally generating a space with reduced consumption

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The digital information profile 

The traditional dossier or paper profile has been replaced by a digital alternative which offers a series of advantages for the experience of the users with the brand, providing the possibility to interact in real time, generate immersion or gamification experiences and the chance to access the content even before the start of the event, simply and at a reduced cost.  

  • Greater scope at a lower cost: Unlike the limitation of a paper format, the digital information profile can reach thousands of people in a simple way. Its diffusion, irrespective of the number of attendees, does not imply an increase in the cost and can be distributed to the users in multiple ways ( email, website, social networks…) Moreover, its digital nature allows the users to share it with their contacts and create a snowball effect.    
  • Less storage space and ubiquity: Equally, the digital profile gives us the possibility to consult it from anywhere we may be, always within reach via a device such as a mobile phone. In addition, it does not take up physical space nor does it deteriorate over time.
  • Creativity in the formats: All the creativity which was previously set down on paper has now moved to multiple disciplines:  design, image, videos… A digital profile embraces multiple formats, namely high resolution photographs, videos,audios or interviews. Didactic explanations in a few minutes…..a veritable arsenal of knowledge concentrated in little space which allows us to explore the multiple and more effective ways of conveying the message.
  • Prolongation in space and time: What if our creativity permitted us to stretch the experience of the user beyond the event in space and time? For example, providing further information in real time via the mobile phone or a newsletter service …or a forum where all the attendees can interact “sine die“. This also lets us offer initial basic information which is neither invasive nor overwhelming , and it is the user himself who broadens his information on demand ,for instance by later accessing all the information on a website. 
  • Ability to offer metrics: Furthermore ,the digital environment lets us measure the user´s experience through his behaviour in the content which is offered. In this way, an event can provide very useful information which will be of great help for the next one, by knowing the strong points and those where the users have not shown very much interest. 
  • And all of this with a lesser environmental impact: Digitalization allows us to dispense with the high environmental cost which paper implies, above all when we are talking of extensive profiles in large scale events. Our company thus improves not only the manner in which the precise information is presented to the user, but also does it in a socially responsible way, engaged with a problem which is increasingly a matter of concern in the mind of the consumer.
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