Event Organization

Practical guide for organizing an event

From the initial idea to the final result, events entail great commitment and effort over a long period. There are many aspects to take into account and there can always be something which may escape our attention, so with this in mind we present our short guide to organizing an event.

Steps for organizing an event

If you are here it is because you are contemplating how to to organize a corporate event or simply because you want to review the basic steps in order to do so. 

We should point out that there is no exact formula; each occasion is unique and has its own needs. However, here we set out the most common and necessary steps:

  • Be clear about the aim of your event: The first step we must take is to establish the objective that our event will have. What do we hope to achieve with it? After that, it will be easier to begin work and take the appropriate decisions.
  • Have a brainstorming session: Now that we have the aim of the meeting, it is time to start with the most creative part. At this moment, the team responsible for organization can communicate and share their ideas. Do we want to contribute creative ideas? Do we need to be practical? This is the moment to imagine what we want our event to be like. 
  • What budget will we have available for the event?: Having a closed budget is always a headache and very often a limiting factor for our inventive capacities. The budget is one of the fundamental aspects of the planning of an event as it marks the starting point to know if finally, our action will be profitable. Overspending is prohibited! 
  • Draw up a guest list: The guests are the most important part. We must prepare and define the guest list and take care of the invitations. To produce them, distribute them and handle the confirmations is part of the job. 
  • Choose the perfect day: We must choose a date which is favourable for the attendance of the guests. Our recommendation is to make sure it does not coincide with special days, holidays or parallel celebrations of great importance.
  • Choose the perfect place depending on your guests and the type of event: Another relevant question is to find a space which helps us to transmit the sense of the event and which adapts to its characteristics. What is the theme? What about the profile of the professionals we are communicating with? How much space do I need and what for?
  • Make a list of the suppliers you need: What suppliers will we need? When we know this, we will have to select and contact them. A good contact list also determines the level of resources you have as an organizer.
  • Promoting the event: Now that we have everything in motion, it is the moment to publicise what we are preparing. Your connection with the marketing and communication department is vital here. If you do not have this link, it may be interesting to contact a communication agency to help you. 
  • Coordinate all the actions of those involved.: A good way to make sure that everything is going well is to be in continual contact with our suppliers and agents involved so that coordination between them is optimal. 
  • Be present at the event and assure that everthing goes according to plan: There is nothing like being at the coal face to look after all the details. We will know first hand how everything is unfolding and also if something does not turn out as planned, we can act on it directly.
  • Make an analysis of the results: After the event it is time to evaluate the results. Has it been effective? Have the objectives been reached? An interesting idea is to send out a brief survey to the attendees in order to know their degree of satisfaction and thus improve in the future.  

Are you thinking about holding a corporate event ?

If you want to stage a corporate event, we would like you to know that in order to be successful, it is essential to organize, take decisions and take care of many details. For this reason, an Event Manager has become a real profession in recent times. 

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