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Guide to setting up event accreditation 

When holding a corporate event, the set up and organisation of the accreditation for the attendees is one of the most daunting moments. As it is the first direct interaction between the attendee and the organisation, it can produce a very good image if done correctly – we can even provide a competitive advantage – or become a weakness if a bad first impression is generated.   

Due to the importance that accreditation has in the organisation of an event, we have decided to set out this guide with the aim of preparing the event accreditation of a company event in the best possible way. Here we will give you the steps to follow and recommendations to organise the passes for the event in the most successful way.

  • Define the scale of the event: The organization and preparation of the accreditation for the event demands meticulous planning and an impeccable eye for detail. The first thing to take into account is to analyse the characteristics and needs of the event itself to determine its scale. Bearing in mind the number of participants to attend the event is important as this will give us information on the personnel we need to hire and what functions each one will perform.  
  • When we know this, we can establish an approximate number of necessary accreditations along with a budget for this item.
  • Have a dedicated team for the accreditations: It is important to have a specific team dedicated to the accreditations, taking into account the number of participants who will attend. We must also be attentive to the participants, providing them with all the information they require and informing them of the need to carry their accreditation so that they can be correctly identified. 
  • Identifying the attendees with their accreditation: Once at the event, accreditations can be useful for the organization to be able to identify the different profiles of the attendees, by including all the data considered necessary for their correct identification. This data can be: name and surname, information of the company they represent or the company position they occupy among others. 
  • Identifying staff with their accreditation: Similarly, it is also advisable to group the participants of the event according to their functions (speakers, suppliers, sponsors or volunteers). As an organisation it will be useful to us for each member of staff to identify themselves. In fact, it will also be useful for the attendees who will be able to visually identify the person they are adressing at any moment. 
  • Establishing the type of accreditation: Accreditation can take several forms depending on the budget and the technology available to the company. It can be in the form of a wristband,card, badge or a more ambitious technology such as a QR code or fingerprint. In an environment where sustainability in the coporate setting is of vital importance, especially with regard to the public, we recommend the use of more sustainable systems such as reusable accreditation on recycled paper, biodegradable or digital systems.
  • What information has to be included on the accreditation? Accreditations have the capacity not only to incorporate the personal or professional data the attendee provided to obtain the pass but also resources which will be useful during the visit: catering vouchers, event agenda, places of interest, virtual wallet…
  • Accreditation design: Designing the accreditation is an important phase in order to create a coherent and professional image for the event. Creativity can be an opportunity to display the  personality of the event. The graphic design must be in line with the visual identity. It is important to be durable, legible and creative, which will produce an attractive and professional accreditation reflecting the image and identity of the event. 
  • Setting up an access point for accreditations: It is vitally important to calculate the number of people who attended the event and those who attended each hall or speech in particular. This will be a way of measuring the success of the organisation or of specific sectors of the event. Nowadays, digital systems such as QR codes or NFC technology allow us to know in real time and from any smartphone used by the staff  how many attendees there are at the event or and in specific areas.
  • Set up a verification process: So that long queues do not build up at the event entrance caused by complicated verification processes, it is advisable to give the attendees the possibility of downloading or being able to access their accreditation online in advance. With this in mind, for substantial budgets, apps can be created for this purpose or we can use applications which have previously been created for this end.

We hope we have helped you to create a good accreditation process for your event. At Grand Luxor Mice we offer solutions for this to brands who decide to hold their events and celebrations with us.Contact us for further information.