Writing a thank you letter for an event invitation

Writing a thank you letter for an event invitation

Writing a thank you letter for an event invitation is a way of showing gratitude to the person or organization who has been kind enough to invite us to an event which they consider to be important for us. This communicates to the person in question, a sense of pride that they have been considered for such an event.  

Drawing up a thank you note for this action starts with asking yourself a basic question: Who is the recipient of the letter? That will dictate the content and the tone as it is not the same to write a formal letter to a boss or director as it is to write something more informal to a client or supplier with whom you already have a certain degree of familiarity.   

However, all thank you letters  have something in common:

  • They involve a demonstration of gratitude for a circumstance which urges the person to write.
  • A positive content which is intended to please the recipient.

In this article we will show how to write the best thank you letter for an invitation to an event in order to help cultivate the relation and make it more productive for both parts.

Picture: Christin Hume on Unsplash

Parts of a thank you letter for event attendance 

Writing this type of letter is a task which can be broken down into parts: All you have to do is follow these steps adapting them to the recipient:  

  1. The date of writing must be shown. We mention this because the timescale has its importance. A thank you letter for an event must be written respecting a prudential amount of time so that this gratitude will have its effect without it falling into oblivion. This  point is not relevant if the message is sent by e-mail, where the date already appears.   
  2. We start with a greeting in accordance with the circumstances and the familiarity we have.   
  3. It must be a brief letter and in the initial lines we must begin by expressing sincere gratitude for the circumstance which prompts the letter. In this case it is the attendance of an event, but there may be other reasons which lead us to express our thanks in writing (perhaps  special treatment, a particular gesture…). 
  4. In the structure of the letter we can reflect interest for a particular circumstance by expressing enthusiasm. This would be a very personal option but it may form part of the content and the circumstance may lead to a new source of connection, strengthening the relationship. 
  5. When we arrive at the conclusion, the recommendation is to end this type of letter with a further expression of gratitude. Finally, the closing of a thank you letter of event attendance is done depending on the level of familiarity we have (with gratitude, regards, cordially, etc).

In conclusion, a thank you letter of event attendance is written with the aim of expressing gratitude for the actions of a person. It allows the recipient to know that what they did has been greatly appreciated. We have seen the different parts and their possible variations of register depending on who the recipient is. Let us now see a model letter.

Model of a thank you letter for event attendance

Let us note that what we have set down here is only a model used as an example which is neither real nor adaptable to particular cases. The reader can extract from it whatever is considered relevant to his message and tailor it to a specific case. Let us begin.  

Barcelona, October 7th 2021.

Hello Luis:

I am writing to thank you for the invitation to the event last Thursday and also for the warm welcome and hospitality my colleagues and I received during the whole event. I know that all the team is delighted with the experience and looking forward to seeing you at a future meeting.

Personally speaking, I would like to say that I was most pleasantly surprised with your gift for which I am enormously grateful. I took away with me an unbeatable souvenir and you can be sure that I will make full use of it. 

I would also like to mention that your choice of decoration for the venue was absolutely spot on. How was your experience with Glassé events? We have worked with them on several occasions and they have always impressed us. If you choose to work with them again, let me know and I will introduce you to David, the director of the office in Canada, who is a good friend of mine. He will treat you very well.

I hope you achieved the goals you established and thank you once again for the invitation. 

Kind regards

Ernesto Ruiz.

This thank you letter for an event attendance follows all of the steps previously described. We hope it is useful for you to obtain ideas for writing your own letter.