What the metaverse is and how it will change the way to understand corporate events

The metaverse has been on everyone´s lips in the last few months in the world of entertainment and also in business circles. A new form  of perceiving  the way in which we interact seems to have captured the interest of big companies like Microsoft or Facebook, who are already preparing their respective platforms in what appears to be an evolutionary leap in the constantly changing world of communications.  

In this article we want to shed some light on this “parallel universe“ and we would like to share a few reflections  with you on how the metaverse could change the way in which we currently understand social relations in a work environment.  

What is the metaverse ?

The metaverse is a virtual world, an immersive experience in which the users will interact in a parallel world. As with any new conception of an idea, it still seems to be a concept which is too general. We have great difficulty in visualising it and understanding exactly to what extent its implementation could change the world of social and business relations as we know them.   

Consequently, we are going to make a short introduction to some aspects we believe will be relevant in the future, related with the field of work meetings and large scale coporate events.

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The implications of the metaverse at a company level and in the organization of corporate events. 

There is no doubt that the leap forward into the virtual world , should it happen, will represent an enormous challenge for most companies.We are already used to the  demand for  ever more innovative technology made by the business world, but Which areas of a company may be affected the most ?  

Virtual work meetings

Constantly improving Internet connections and the rise of teleworking as a result of the worldwide sanitary crisis stemming from Covid-19 has obliged us to become familiar with digital meetings. With this we have learnt the concomitant advantages but also the disadvantages.   

It is not exaggerated to say that long meetings via a screen at times represent a difficulty in order to pay attention continuously. The sensory immersion method using 3D glasses and headphones makes the user feel that he is really face to face with the interlocutor, in spite of being thousands of kilometres away. This results in an enhanced focus of attention and concentration. 

We can add to this that the scenario of the meeting is up to the imagination of the organiser. What if we meet at the top of the tallest business building in the world ? 

Presentations of virtual products

Imagine we could make a product showroom without even having  a prototype ?

What if  the user could interact , feel the dimensions and the texture of a product which is only an idea and has not even been created ?

The metaverse, through sensorial immersion, could place a product in our hands so we can interact with it, and really get to know how it works, its size for example in the case of a smartphone , or even sit us at the controls of a vehicle that has not been made yet .

Likewise, a building manager would be able to show every minimal aspect  of the stage of construction of a project to the shareholders or an investor could understand the workings of a new aircraft engine from the perspective  of an air particle.    

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Travel without moving from home 

For business trips and the tourism sector, we can find original and convenient ideas in the metaverse. Mice tourism could find a new slant where the traveller stays at home and yet can live different experiences virtually. Be a virtual spectator at a NFL match in a VIP box, see the sunset from the top of Mount Everest or discover a completely innovative experience such as feeling like a bird flying over the African Savanna.

The metaverse at corporate events: No limit to the imagination 

Imagine a Networking event that has no beginning nor end  , just a virtual space accessed at any time where you can contribute your knowledge or merely attend the session. How about  a competition in the metaverse between companies where the winner is the one who displays the best organization in a virtual kitchen? The metaverse offers infinite possibilities for creating spaces, elements, routines , scenarios…… 

The future of Mice events with the metaverse

The existence of the metaverse, however, will still not be able to fulfill the human need to establish real social relations. For this reason it is important to understand that physical meetings will not be replaced in any way , rather they will be combined with extrasensorial experiences and these will represent the differential value.

The whole auditorium will be able to take the controls of the prototype of a new yacht at the same time, whilst each participant discusses his impressions with the person next to him; a small group of investors will enjoy a winetasting while they stroll through the vineyard where it all started; and in the next shareholders meeting held in a coastal town, each attendee will be able to surf the sales figures just by moving his fingers.

MICE events can undergo an authentic transformation with the incorporation of the metaverse in the business world, however, its combination with the human touch , which all employees value, will be the key to the success of the event.

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