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What requisites must a Mice venue fulfill ?

Holding a corporate event (MICE) represents a critical point in the relation of the brand with our clients, investors or workers. It is the opening up of the brand to our guests in a setting which can define the future of our relationship with them. 

For this reason it is vitally important to maintain tight control over everything that happens in the celebration and that implies a very detailed selection of the event´s venue.

Requisites a MICE space must fulfill

In meetings and events of this importance, everything sends a message. For this reason we want to offer you this brief guide to assess certain requisites a Mice space with guarantees must have in Spain:

  • A versatile venue with large and small spaces: A place which offers both large and small spaces allows the possibility of adjusting to the flow of the preparations. On the one hand, by accommodating to the final number of confirmed guests and on the other by being able to offer different spaces which can be segmented and themed.
  • Offer indoor and outdoor alternatives for large celebrations: Subjecting a large event to the whims of the weather is a bad decision. This is so in our case too. Even though the Grand Luxor Hotel Business & Events is located in a privileged environment enjoying 300 days of sunshine per year, we offer both exterior and interior spaces of large dimensions. Besides, in the case of the latter, the acoustics are more favourable for certain events and the use of  powerful audiovisual elements can be used to great effect.  
  • Have advisors and project managers to oversee the event: Having staff to help with the planning of the event can be beneficial. In addition, it allows  direct contact to be set up with the space organizer in such a way that it can adjusted to your needs and together you can create a unique event (a tailormade party). 
  • Be versatile to adapt to the needs of your celebration: All your needs as Event Manager or Organizing company must be covered. The space for your celebration should not clip the wings of your imagination.
  • Have a transport service for your guests: It is always a good idea to choose Mice spaces with good road, city and airport connections, in case there are guests arriving from other cities or countries. It is also advisable to offer a bus service or private vehicles to connect the points of arrival with the event venue.  
  • Offer translation services for international events: Sometimes the language can be a barrier, although it shouldn´t be an overwhelming one. We therefore recommend the use of spaces with instant translation services for attendees, for large events as well as business meetings. 
  • Availability of restaurant services: Apart from being a basic need in events lasting more than 2 hours, eating is a social act. A service of this type is vital so that your guests can maintain their energy levels and rest after an intensive day at the event.  
  • Offer accommodation to all your guests: In events lasting more than one day, venues  that offer accommodation save headaches for the organization and the attendees. In this way, there will be no unnecessary travelling.
  • Have a hostess and security service: Having staff to take care of the well-being, security and comfort of your guests is vital. Let us not run the risk that at a given moment, they may feel abandoned. 
  • Offer leisure activities: In parallel, something that guests appreciate, are the options for Mice tourism, leisure activities to make the most of the trip after the event. Beach areas, leisure spaces, gastronomy… are highly appreciated by Mice sector attendees.
  • Offer tech services such as wifi, audiovisual equipment and scenography: As we mentioned before, the space must never clip the wings of the imagination. Consequently, it must provide all the necessary audiovisual and technological material or at least facilitate its installation in a setting which is prepared for this.  
  • Offer a photography and video service to immortalize the moment: Offering photography and video services in the Mice venue saves us a number of headaches. The team made available to you will know every corner of the space, the connections, the best shots… this is always a big plus.

Have you already chosen the best Mice space for your brand ?

These are the requisites a Mice venue should offer you. In Grand Luxor Mice we know all these needs well, and for that reason they are always well covered for all of our clients. If you are thinking of organizing an event and need information, please contact us.

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