What a DMC agency is and why your brand should hire one

When organising a corporate event, one of the possibilities we can opt for is to hire the services offered by a DMC agency.

A DMC (Destination Management Company) is a professional services company which assists its clients locally to meet the objectives established for its corporate events, acting in a particular destination. 

They offer a wide range of services specialising in design, delivery and logistic coordination for groups and events. All of this thanks to their extensive knowledge of the destination, along with solid experience and the resources at their disposal.

What services does a DMC offer us?

Depending on the type of services each DMC specialises in, we can group them into these four categories.

  • Programme design: These services include selection and booking of the venue and the organisation of the activities of the event including the decoration.
  • Logistics management: This includes the preparation of a chronology and timetable of events, booking the transport and even the arrivals  and departures of the guests. 
  • Mangement of suppliers: Consisting of the selection of suppliers and negotiation of their prices. 
  • Accounting: These services include the audit and payment of supplier invoices, financial negotiations and detailed client accounts.  

What is the value contributed by DMC agencies to the tourism sector?

After the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the tourist sector has suffered a tremendous setback. During this period, tourism was paralysed therefore making it impossible to have any economic growth in the sector. There is no doubt that the pandemic has and continues to threaten a sector which is vital for the economy of Spain although there are now forecasts for the recuperation of the sector, returning to levels which existed prior to the health crisis.  

New normality has brought with it an opportunity for the tourist sector. Therefore the DMC agencies represent an excellent option for event organisation and travel

In this respect, there is an increasing trend to opt for quality tourism, with this quality becoming a necessary feature in order to compete with other tourist destinations.

Why hire a DMC agency?

Working with a DMC agency offers several advantages for our company.   

There are two principal outstanding benefits: They are experts in the local area and specialists in the type of services they offer. Moreover, they guarantee that when we book any experience with them, we will be assured of receiving the highest level of service.   

Most DMCs have been running their travel businesses for decades, which allows them to create better travel experiences and to operate in a competitve market.

DMCs are without a doubt, a safe option to select and develop our business projects. 

A selection of DMC agencies in Spain

Below we offer a list of some DMC agencies in Spanish territory which stand out due to their success in the tourist sector.   

  • Spain DMCs
  • DMC- InTravel
  • Indigo DMC Group
  • MTZ Destination Management Company
  • Premium Incoming
  • lEventisimo DMC

It is also worth mentioning the Spain DMC Awards which recognise the effort and work put in by both the staff and companies that operate in the Meetings and Incentives Tourism sector. Every year, the DMC agencies that have developed their activity promoting Spain as a MICE destination receive an award. 

The future of DMC agencies

The possibilities offered by DMC agencies for the future tourist sector panorama are vital for economic and quality development.

It is certainly true that people can plan and make their travel arrangements independently with the help of internet but these agencies supply an extra level of quality and exclusivity through services such as risk management, updated information and quality control. With the aim of reducing the stress of travel planning, DMCs create itineraries and highly personalised tailor made packages.  

Multinationals and large companies all over the world hire DMC services for the organisation of the logistics and delivery of events, conventions, meetings or incentive trips. This allows them to have their own offices at the destination where the services will be rolled out, with a team of professionals at their disposal only for the time necessary to hold the event.   

We recommend that you opt for this type of company as you will receive specialised attention depending on your preferences and business objectives.

Photo by britt gaiser at Unsplash