outdoor event

Tips for organizing an outdoor event

The main value to make its mark on the success of a company is its human component. The well-being of the employees together with good internal communication are nowadays essential requirements for consolidating a good performance and working environment.

With the arrival of summer and the good weather, leisure activites are perfect for getting away from the four walls of the office to organize outdoor company events.

In order to plan these events, we are going to propose a series of activities and dynamics which we can put into practice. All of this will depend on the purpose and objectives we wish to achieve. 

Activities and events recommended for outdoor settings.

We propose a list of activities and events for companies which you can organise all year round where you can enjoy a pleasant day in the company of your employees.  

  • Team Building: Team building activities are perfect for improving problem solving capacities in teams.Each participant can contribute  their knowledge and skills collaboratively.  
  • Racing Building: Our proposal is for you to organize a go-kart race. There will be no shortage of adrenaline ! You will have to overcome several challenges which will put to the test your ability to handle a variety of problems and situations. Your employees will also enjoy the activity and create bonds of friendship with other co-workers.
  • Adventure activities: There are numerous adventure activities which can be staged in a natural setting where the aim is to improve the  skills and strengths of a working group. Of exceptional interest are the activities of hiking, obstacle courses, horse riding routes and climbing circuits. These are perfect activities to incentivize motivation and foster active listening for problem solving and challenges.
  • Conferences and celebrations: Go ahead and move your company conferences to a rural setting surrounded by nature. Make a real difference and benefit from the possibilities offered by an outdoor space.

Spaces for organizing outdoor events

Various locations can be chosen in order to plan these events. Both rural and urban settings are possible alternatives for organizing the events. Their organization and implementation will be different depending on the objective, resources and budget available.

If you decide to put on events and meetings in an urban location you can hire a range of establishments and private function rooms. These spaces  are a good option if you go for activities which do not involve a great deal of planning.

Events in a rural setting

Nature offers us a multitude of possibilities and benefits when staging outdoor activities. Choosing the space which adapts best to your needs is important to this kind or agritourism.

  • Gardens: Gardens are ideal places for holding events and celebrations in an authentic natural environment. You will be able to feel relaxed and immersed in nature. The perfect corporate events for this type of space are leisure activities, company dinners or training courses.  
  • Private estates: Private estates are another very versatile alternative as they usually have extensive areas of land which favour the celebration and planning of diverse events where there is a large volume of guests. Additionally,these spaces frequently offer a range of facilities which contribute extra value, among which we can mention golf courses, restaurants and spas. This is undoubtedly one of the best options if our intention is to organize a large scale event of an exclusive and prestigious nature.  
  •  Terraces and rooftops: If you opt for a terrace or rooftop to celebrate your company event, you will have an original and spacious setting where you can enjoy the best views of the city.Contemplating the sunset or taking in the nightime atmosphere of the city will be an unforgettable experience for your guests.  
  • Multi adventure spaces: Finally, we should mention the wide range of activities and adventure games we can programme in multi adventure spaces. Paintball, laser tag, minigolf, corporate treasure hunt, zipwire, climbing wall, dodgeball, archery tournament, boat racing. All of these are different activities which can be held away from the workplace sharing a full day with colleagues.  

How to decorate an open air event

The decor for events will play a decisive role when choosing the type of event or activity we want to celebrate. Before we start planning the event, it is fundamental that we decide on the style of the decoration as this aspect may have an effect on the choice of materials.   

Other innovation options as far as the decor style is concerned, are those concerning themed decorations. This can be used at all types of events and tends to depend on the tastes and fashions of the moment. Here you have some examples: events inspired by an epoch, a season, a character, a film etc. 

Corporate events are characterised by the use of unostentatious decorative elements which have a greater practical functionality. The furniture used for this type of events is often tall, such as bars or stools where guests can enjoy a drink, or tables with the capacity to accommodate many people.   

The decor will vary depending on the type of company organising the event, the objective of the event and the place where it is held.

Food and foodtrucks for outdoor events.

During the event, the guests will want to eat or drink something. Providing the service of diverse foodtrucks and food stalls is one of the latest trends in event catering.  

There are many advantages to be gained from this, in particular we can mention the economical aspect and the great variety of food and drink which we can offer to our guests.

Another option is to offer foodtrucks providing vegetarian food, or food prepared for specific diets and/or requirements.Alternatively, the choice can be for haute cuisine and exclusive dishes prepared by a chef.This is a different and innovative concept which will surprise and make your event stand out.  

One of the events which add value through a unique experience is a wine-tasting.

Enotourism is a great option for the sector of corporate events.   

If you decide to hire a catering service with a foodtruck, we assure you that your guests will enjoy the experience enormously. 

Lighting tips for outdoor events

The choice of lighting for planning outdoor events and activities is another key point to achieve a complete experience.

Selecting the type of lighting is a deciding factor.Depending on the kind of ambiance you wish to create, the light will not be the same.

With activities held outdoors,light and luminous spaces predominate in particular, these permit varying possibilities when organising events and meetings.Natural light offers several benefits, one of which is that of saving energy, apart from being useful in enhancing the aesthetics of a space.We spoke extensively about this in a previous article about sustainable events 

Using full spectrum lights allows us to benefit from the positive effects of natural light without the negative exposure of ultraviolet rays. 

Another trend in vogue is the use of warm lighting. It is possible to go for a warm ambiance by using specialist bulbs and equipment. This type of illumination is perfect for receiving guests on arrival, creating a more welcoming and intimate atmosphere. 

Lighting can be of great help in emphasizing certain decorative elements,managing to create greater space and comfort. The use of the corporate colours of the company is also very frequent in order to create an ambiance in accordance with the event.

Make sure your event is seen from a much more attractive and luminous perspective by choosing the lighting effects which best match your event.