Themed Event about Egypt

Themes for unforgettable company events

At Grand Luxor Mice we experience all types of events every week in the spacious facilities we have available. We are therefore in a position to offer you some ideas for themed corporate events which may serve as inspiration to you. Let´s go!

What is a theme event?

A theme event is a celebration where all aspects are coordinated so they revolve around one particular theme. Only the organiser may adhere to the theme or alternatively, the guests may participate by adapting all the necessary aspects of their presence to the previously designated role.     

Choosing the best theme for your event

Now it is time to choose the theme which is most suited to the nature of the corporate event you have in mind, and it is important to be clear about this. There are times when imagination should not prevail over reason. Bearing this in mind, we must first of all conduct an analysis of several aspects which surround our brand and the event to be held… of all the aspects which revolve around this action and choose a theme which can adapt itself to the whole, as if it constituted a part of a solid cog of all the actions.  

We must, therefore, take into account at least these questions:  

  • Defining the objectives: What is the reason for holding this event and what does my company intend to achieve with it? 
  • Number of attendees: The number of people we plan to invite will determine many of the aspects of the theme and actions of our event. There are ideas which are not appropriate for large scale events, just as small groups also limit grand actions.
  • Budget: The budget will evidently condition our capacity to act. In most cases, this is usually the most limiting factor when creating a memorable themed event for our guests. However, with a little intelligence, this can be used to our advantage. Sometimes, less is more.
  • Idiosyncrasies of the company:  We must always bear in mind the identity of the company, the values it represents, the mindset of its directors… a corporate act must always reflect the personality of its organizer.
  • Event space: The space will sometimes set the limits and possibilities. Therefore, at Grand Luxor Mice we have a wide variety of large and small spaces for events, so we can always adapt to the needs of our clients.

Great ideas for themed corporate events

If you are an event manager or are responsible for tasks related with the celebration of a company event for your brand we do not know all the points of your company previously mentioned, but we can offer you some ideas for themed corporate events which may prove attractive. It depends on you, however, to decide the suitability of them based on the aspects considered in the previous paragraphs.  

  • Nautical activities: Coastal towns and villages or those near the sea have an important competitive advantage: the possibility of including nautical activities in their events. Coastal MICE tourism is gaining more and more followers during the times of year with good weather by offering activities connected with the sea. 
  • Treasure trove: A treasure trove is a competitive fun activity which consists of a series of tests and challenges. Generally, these challenges require a certain skill, and aptitudes which were perhaps somewhat hidden in some work teams begin to flourish.It is also an ideal activity for fomenting team spirit, creativity and teamwork.
  • Hikes:.A hike in the countryside or through the mountains is a fun activity for teams which can foment several positive aspects in the group.Unwind away from the city, the noise, the daily hustle and bustle of office life…This also gives the opportunity to do some exercise and encourage interdepartmental relations in work groups or even intercompany ones.
  • Large-scale escape room: Let´s think big now! An escape room is a game of adventure and conundrums where the participants must use their skills to solve a series of riddles and brainteasers within an established time limit in order to escape from a room or a situation. Let´s make it big size!
  • Sports event: A classic. A sports event always offers a topic of conversation in the office several weeks before and after the day.It stays very clearly in the memories of the participants and favours a spirit of healthy competition.
  • Weekend retreat: With a bigger budget weekend retreats can be proposed and in this case the number of possibilities multiplies: beach, mountains, snow, a rural or even spiritual retreat… a gastronomy experience perhaps. Everything that our mind is capable of imagining and connecting with the goal of our company event.
  • Concerts in a private act.
  • Comedy performances at corporate events.
  • Art exhibitions with a theme relevant to the activity of the guest companies.
  • Interesting conferences concerning the field of study of the guests.
  • A themed fancy dress party for close-knit or self-assured groups. With respect to this, at Grand Luxor Mice we have at our disposal the priviliged enclave of Terra Mitica where the backdrops of the Ancient civilisations lend themselves perfectly to parties where the theme is Egypt, Rome, Iberia or Greece.

The themed coporate party you are capable of dreaming up

We hope we have helped you to find inspiration with these ideas for themed company events. In any case, as we always say, your capacity as organizer and the originality of your ideas over and above those presented in this post will be the key to differentiating yourself from the rest. 

At Grand Luxor Mice we can help you with our Tailor made Party service where our Project Managers will make every effort to make sure that the ideas you have in your head will become reality in an unforgettable event.