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Spaces to hold an automotive event

The presentation of a vehicle or range of vehicles is normally one of the most important events of the year for any company in the automotive sector. In Grand Luxor Hotel Business & Events we are aware of  the eagerness of our automotive sector clients to make their event something both special and memorable.  

Consequently, this requires absolute control over all the elements which will shape the event, correct decision making and the selection of the perfect space. We would like, therefore, to set out in this brief article, some tips and good practices which we apply in the MICE area of Grand Luxor Hotel to achieve the perfect automotive event. 

Spacious venues to accommodate vehicles

These types of vehicle presentation events or automotive shows require ample spaces to stage the event, capable of accommodating large machines (motorbikes, cars, trucks…) and a large number of people in an interior space.  

At Grand Luxor Mice we contemplate the possibility of staging these events in both interior and exterior spaces. Large open spaces such as our exterior parking area of 124.000m2, are perfect for hosting vehicle fairs or similar, which involve a large concentration of vehicles on display.

In the case of a showroom, an extensive interior space such as the Pharaoh Room, can accommodate various vehicles and a total of 600 people seated ) or even a cocktail of up to 1,100 guests ).

Pharaoh Room in Grand Luxor Hotel Business & Events

Ease of access for automobiles

Access is one of the fundamental aspects which our clients tend to focus on when choosing a space at our facilities.

The logistics of these types of events with very heavy machinery is always complicated. As a result, an aspect which carries great weight when deciding on the venue, is the possibility of entering the interior of the space simply by starting the vehicle and driving through the spacious access ways. This represents a great saving in time and logistics which can be dedicated to other needs.

Equipment and high-tech audiovisual media

In the world of the automobile, with a marked technological component, top quality audiovisual equipment is demanded. The sensorial dimension of this type of event requires the combination of audiovisual elements, sound and lighting to create a moving experience. 

The large spaces of Grand Luxor Mice boast the most advanced technologies in illumination, technology ceilings and audiovisual systems to generate impact among the guests at this type of automotive events.   

Photo and video service

As an additional service, at Grand Luxor Business & Events we offer the production of visual material which will serve as a promotional tool for the event.

We are aware that the physical presentation of a vehicle is only the starting point of an elaborate communication process which may begin with the diffusion of the event worldwide by means of audiovisual material.

Technical assistance from Hotel Luxor Business & Events 

Apart from having the best spaces for the celebration of an automotive event, we offer you the figure of a Project Manager to oversee the desired development of the event, accounting for the needs of the brand and creating a personalized experience in order to achieve the best result.

Main picture: Tim Meyer en Unsplash

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