Spaces for events at Grand Luxor Hotel & Village

Spaces for events at Grand Luxor Hotel & Village

Grand Luxor Hotel & Village is one of the best event spaces on the Costa Blanca. It is a customized complex with different themes that will be very attractive to all attendees for corporate events and much more. It is a place in which to hold conventions and find, at the same time, the best spaces for the organization of events with accommodation.

It also has auditoriums, more than 20 meeting rooms and more than 200,000 m2 of outdoor spaces for organizing events. If you are looking for hotels for events with ample spaces and rooms and perfectly equipped, it is interesting to evaluate our complete list.

Indoor spaces

In this section we have several spaces that can be well used:

  • The Luxor Convention Center, near the Grand Luxor Hotel & Village, with more than 2300 square meters and seating capacity of 1000 people. It has all the necessary technology.
  • Pharaoh Hall, a thematic space of 1300 open-plan square meters. 3.
  • Multi-purpose rooms 1 and 2, suitable for up to 50 people.
  • Multi-purpose rooms 3 and 4, for up to 30 and 65 people respectively. 5.
  • Luxor Hall, located on the first floor and divided into 3 rooms.
  • Luxor VIP room, designed for exclusive meetings and gatherings, with room for 20 people.

Outdoor spaces of the Grand Luxor Hotel & Village

As we mentioned at the beginning, we have acres of outdoor space where you can hold corporate events and take advantage of the good weather in the area throughout the year.

With unparalleled panoramic views, facing the Mediterranean, Grand Luxor Hotel & Village has two large outdoor terraces that will serve to plan a gala dinner, a welcome cocktail or a presentation in a differentiating framework for your event.

Independent spaces

These are smaller areas, decorated with a special taste and in line with the historicist look of the complex. In this area are the independent rooms of the Iberia site, where the Mediterranean culture is represented. Among the halls are the Mozarabic, the Almadraba and the Pica Picae, the first two in Arabian style and the last one in Roman style.

Opposite the hotel (50 meters away) are the Nefer rooms. They are four fully equipped spaces with sound and image equipment for projections and presentations of all kinds.

Outside there are also four areas specially designed for the enjoyment of guests:

  • Egypt: A dream enclave decorated and structured like the buildings of this civilization.
  • Greece: A representation of the Theater of Olympia, ideal for events of all kinds, during the day and at night.
  • Rome: It is undoubtedly one of the favorite places for the attendees due to its monumental wealth and the excellent recreation of the Circus Maximus.
  • Iberia: It consists of an imitation of an Iberian village belonging to a civilization prior to the Romans and deeply rooted in the Mediterranean spirit.

Independent auditoriums

In addition to the halls we have mentioned, Grand Luxor Hotel & Village has two auditoriums of great architectural quality and ideal for congresses and other similar events.

The Circus Maximus Auditorium is located in the Roman area and is perfect for congresses and conventions where optimal acoustics are essential. It is in a privileged location, surrounded by elements of Rome’s thriving civilization.

The Pandora Auditorium is located in the area of Las Islas and has a very similar functionality to the Circus Maximus. The difference between the two is the predominant aesthetics of the architecture. It has all the means to carry out these activities and a vaulted anteroom very appropriate for the coffee-break or welcome cocktail service.

At the Grand Luxor Hotel & Village you can find these spaces for events and specialized attention. Different cultural and architectural contexts can be chosen to host these activities. This kind of storytelling helps corporate events to create common memories and encourage team building.

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