Original event ideas for companies

Original event ideas for companies

For an event to be memorable many factors come into play: the organising brand, the reason for staging it, the number or quality of the guests… but there is one fundamental aspect which everyone seeks: originality. Being original, unique and unrepeatable in your event can make the difference between celebrating just another event in the mind of the attendees or creating an event which will always be remembered. So we are going to give you a stack of ideas for original company events which will make your event linger in the memory of your guests. 

Original activities in company events

Beyond the decoration or the original themes for corporate events, the activities carried out will in many ways set the stamp of singularity on the event. Let us examine some original activities for company events which can captivate the different profiles of guests you may have: clients, the staff of the company, the general public… Let us begin.

Original events for clients

Captivating your clients with an event of great originality can make a difference in their next  decision to purchase or contract a service with your brand. It is a flame which is lit in a given moment, with a particular action and may prove to be definitive. Let us see how we can ignite that flame with these original client oriented events:     

  • Open door day: Allow them to get to know the nuts and bolts of your activity, your employees, your facilities and your way of working, especially if you are proud of it. Transparency is greatly appreciated in commercial relations. 
  • Seaside celebration: At the beach or on a boat is a unique way to unwind away from the real world… and to connect a little more with your brand. Trips of this type or in settings away from the conventional ones allow positive relations to bloom more easily, the fruit of original and memorable experiences shared between client and company.   
  • Dining in the dark: This is a concept that can be very interesting to explore. A good quality catering service can be hired to offer this type of experimental dinner or similar. The option is interesting as few people would spontaneously dare to live this experience in their everyday lives.
  • Fiesta of the senses: In a similar vein, we can prepare a party where all of the senses are stimulated through food but also with music, art etc.  
  • Dining in the sky: Reserved for brands with bigger budgets and for VIP clients. Dining with endless views over the skyline of a country.  

Original events for employees

Let us now talk about internal events where the employees are the guests to be won over. Let us take a look at some original events for employees: 

  • Role play games: Well-prepared role plays help employees to understand better how their own company works. Participants must play the role of different characters in the company. In this way, the needs of other colleagues and departments can be understood.
  • Simulation games: Simulation games put us in the shoes of characters with different responsibilities. It is a vehicle for the employees to understand how they can apply their skills in very diverse situations.
  • Escape Room: Escape games are perfect for company events as they oblige the participants to think creatively and collaborate with each other in order to solve a problem.Theses games are ideal for team building events and can help employees to understand better how their own company works. 
  • Urban adventure: In these games, the participants must follow a series of clues to arrive at different parts of the city, which will help them to get to know better the area where they work.They will also work as a team.
  • Cookery class: An activity such as preparing a meal, because of the mere pleasure of cooking, is relaxing. Besides, the value of doing things in a calm manner can be appreciated here.
  • A comedian in the office: Find a comedian to come to the office and have an evening of corporate comedy. 
  • Relaxation day in the office: Hire an event company to arrange a spa day in the office with massage, manicure and pedicure services.

Original solidarity events

Let us now turn to a very specific type of event: the solidarity event. The actions of Corporate Social Responsibility are very relevant nowadays in a social context where users and clients demand an awareness from the part of companies, of the environment in which they live and of the way in which from their position they can help to achieve a better world. Let us look at some examples of original solidarity events.  

  • Charity casino: A classic shown many times in American films. Hire the services of an entertainment company to set up a casino party in the office, with blackjack, roulette and poker. Bingo is also a frequently used game. All with the aim of donating the proceeds to a particular solidarity cause.
  • Treasure hunt: Treasure hunt events are perfect for company events as they foment collaboration and team spirit among the attendees.The participants must find a hidden treasure in the event.That treasure contains a cash prize which is donated to the preferred association or organization.
  • A sporting solidarity event: The participants pay a subscription for the event which is later donated to a worthy cause.

Original spaces for celebrating corporate events

Now, the spaces: Where can I celebrate an event in an original space? At Grand Luxor MICE we have original spaces to celebrate corporate events, both indoor and outdoor which will lend your event a magical and unforgettable aura. Let us see:

Original indoor spaces for events:

  • Pharaoh room: An impressive room situated in the interior of an Egyptian pyramid.
  • Almadrava room: A room and garden which emulates Nazari architecture and recreates the Patio of the lions from the Alhambra palace in Granada.
  • Pica Picae: An enormous celebration space with the ambiance of the grand banquets of Ancient Rome. 
  • Circus Maximus:  A colossal theatre which reproduces the ancient and iconic Flavian Amphitheatre.

Charming outdoor spaces for corporate acts: 

We hope we have helped you to find some original ideas for corporate events you may have in mind for now or a future moment. Just remember… if it is unique it is memorable.