Motivacional speech for business

Motivational speeches for companies to transform teams

In the work and business world, with constant challenges, intense workload peaks and with precious little time to stop, having a healthy, positive and motivated mindset is a decisive factor for maintaining good performances from work teams.  

Given the importance of  attitude and motivation when facing daily challenges at work, motivational speeches for companies have become a common practice which companies turn to in order to inspire and achieve the maximum potential from their people. 

As a result of the growth that motivational talks in a company context is experiencing, in this post we want to talk to you about them in detail, the benefits they bring and to give you some key tips regarding lectures and well-known speakers who may be of use to you or the rest of your team.

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What is a motivational speech?

A motivational talk is a lecture or presentation which attempts to dynamically inspire and empower its listeners, appealing to and awakening their passion and determination, using techniques and messages aimed at increasing their self-confidence. They are usually and indeed, must be, given by an expert in the field or by people who have lived through extraordinary vital experiences which serve as an example to others.   

As there are many types of speakers to be found in these motivational talks, they may deal with a wide range of themes. Didactic talks on how to organise and manage emotions, personal success stories or overcoming adversity… all of them can be extrapolated to our personal lives or to our work situation.   

From these vital experiences, the listeners can draw conclusions which can be positive for their daily working situation, either by putting into place certain practices or by simply becoming aware of the world that surrounds them and placing their personal situation into perspective.

Benefits of motivational talks for the workers of a company

Let us now see how these types of motivational talks can influence the mindset of employees, offering benefits both for them and for the performance of the company:

  • Increase worker motivation by means of that inspirational speech. The enthusiasm with which the message is received can improve in the worker, his commitment to his daily responsibilities and to himself, trying to meet objectives with determination and striving to reach his maximum potential.
  • Improve worker morale and thereby foment a better working atmosphere with a more positive and connected global mindset.
  • Since the employees feel more motivated, the likelihood of a better performance increases, which will impact directly on the productivity of the company. In addition, certain talks are capable of and directed towards developing skills which can be decisive for the performance of the worker, such as establishing clear goals, developing emotional skills, overcoming adversity or tackling problems from different angles.
  • Some speeches are also capable of reducing stress and fatigue of the workers, showing them how to confront their emotions positively, using stress reduction techniques, practising ways to nurture a positive mindset…
  • They can also stimulate the creativity of the workers, challenging them to think differently, approaching problems from different perspectives and opening up the mind.

What types of motivational talks can we offer in our company?

As we mentioned previously, there are many types of motivational talks a company can offer to their workers, covering multiple objectives. In this list we offer you some of the most common ones.

  • Personal growth talks focus on the personal and professional development of the employees. They touch on subjects such as setting targets, the improvement of personal skills, better time and resource management, emotional intelligence, resilience, people skills… aspects linked to personal growth which directly influence professional growth.
  • Talks on inspiration and success are based on real stories which in one way or another inspire the spectator by means of the example of an individual who has  experienced success. They can encourage the listeners to pursue their goals with greater determination.
  • Talks on motivation and team work are centred on fostering collaboration between employees, working on trust and the improvement of relationships among workers.
  • Talks on well-being and balance take as their focus, the physical and mental well-being of the workers: stress management, promoting a healthy lifestyle which has a direct effect on health and well-being, the balance between work and personal life…
  • Talks on creativity and entrepreneurship inspire and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of the employees: innovation, generating ideas, taking calculated risks.

From all of these types of talks, the company will be responsible for choosing the facet they consider the most interesting, in line with the objectives and expectations of the company. When we know the aspect we wish to strengthen, we can source the speakers that best work on the chosen theme.

10 motivational talks which are worth listening to 

Below, we offer 10 talks which we consider to be very interesting and which you can use to motivate and train the workers of your company. They may also be useful to you simply as examples of what some of these lectures are usually like.

Some of these speakers are even available for corporate talks so a company could hire their services for a private event or for a large scale gathering. 

  • The most impactful decision you will ever make, de Tony Robbins.
  • Start with Why, by Simon Sinek.
  • The puzzle of motivation, by Dan Pink.
  • What makes us feel good about our work?, by Dan Ariely.
  • Nurturing the Ability to Question, by Warren Berger.
  • How to gain control of your free time, by Laura Vanderkam.
  • The happy secret to better working, by Shawn Achor.
  • The key to success? Determination, by Angela Lee Duckworth.
  • How can we  address work-life balance?, by Nigel Marsh.
  • Success, failure and the urge to continue creating, by Elizabeth Gilbert.
  • Leadership and Happiness, by Juan Carlos Cubeiro.
  • The challenge of learning, by Pablo Pineda.
  • The neuroscience of emotions, by Marian Rojas Estapé.

Before sharing any of these talks or hiring the services of a speaker of this type, we recommend that you find out about the theme of the talk and the lecturer´s world view, personal relations, sphere of work etc. You must make sure that the talk is in harmony with the philosophy of your company and that the values you want to impress and exploit in your work teams are manifestly present in the lecture.