Keys to organising a successful seminar

Congresses, seminars, talks, round tables… are commonplace corporate activities which allow companies and professionals to meet up from time to time to favour acquisition of professional expertise, to generate networks and create a fulfilling professional experience around a brand.

Organising a seminar is always a good strategy to achieve previously agreed benefits but it is always advisable to understand and plan certain points carefully, in order to turn the seminar into a successfulevent. Let us begin from the beginning, to establish a very specific basis for the activity we refer to. 

What is a seminar?

A seminar is a professional event whose aim is to train and inform the attendees of a particular topic or area. This field of dissemination is always linked with the professional activity or work of the organiser, who stands as the authority of the subject over the rest of the attendees. We have already spoken in detail about the seminar and similar events in another post, where we also spoke of the differences between each of them.

If your brand or institution wishes to hold a seminar, here we will give you the solid bases on which to act.

Picture: Headway en Unsplash

How to organise a successful seminar

Faced with the question of how to organise a seminar correctly, it must be said that following a series of steps to guarantee success is fundamental.

  • Define the aims. This is the first step we must take to be able to offer an efficient respone to the expectations of those attending the event. Moreover, this definition of the aims allows us to know exactly which seminar to organise at a given moment and therefore direct it to a successful conclusion.
  • Depending on the subject or the sector in which we find ourselves, we will have to determine which attendees are the most suitable, for which it will be necessary to have a clear idea of our target public. We are however, not only talking about the public, but also the speakers whose task will be to connect with those who attend the seminar.
  • Estimate the budget. This is the moment to use the resources at our disposal with a set budget where the investment is worthwhile. In addition, it is recommendable to work with a margin of error for unforeseen circumstances. 
  • We must study the different calendar possibilities depending on the availability of the attendees, especially that of the speakers. For this reason, these events are usually programmed well in advance. 
  • Find the ideal place to hold a seminar. In order to do this, we must take into account the capacity and location and in particular, the possibility of  easy access for private cars. We must also make sure that access to the site is simple and without architectural barriers. In this regard, the Grand Luxor Hotel Business & Events offers a wide range of event spaces for all types of celebrations and capacity requirements. In fact, you can consult this guide to choose the perfect place for your company event. 
  • Use online registrations. Thanks to this, we can make considerable progress with the management of the event, so that accessing the seminar will be much easier. For example, invitations can have a QR code with the instructions for use, giving the time and place of the seminar. We have already spoken in depth about how to write an invitation to a seminar or similiar
  • Organise the activities of the seminar. We must be clear about the organigram so that everything goes just how we planned it, including an outline of the event. We can even have a rehearsal to be assured of success. Breaks for lunch and refreshments must also be included as well as an extra time margin in case the presentations overrun. If you have any doubts about catering, we offer you the current trends in event catering.

With all of this, organising a seminar involves responsibility above all, underlining as well, the importance of communication so that everything turns out as planned. Consequently, at Grand Luxor MICE we offer the possibility of helping you by means of our Project Managers. In this way, we will give you our advice about the necessary areas so that your seminar is a success.