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Hybrid events, an opportunity to generate transversal communication

Having overcome the most agressive scenario of the worldwide health crisis, many companies have returned to their corporate activity, generating face-to-face acts and events where the necessary safety measures are taken to preserve the health of all the attendees.

Many others, however, have discovered in a virtual environment a way to hold large-scale events at a lower cost, thus exploiting to the full the possibilities offered by the digital framework.  

As opposed to the tradition of the face-to-face event and the trend towards digitalization also found at large-scale events , hybrid events are increasingly establishing themselves on the MICE scene as a way of merging two concepts which do not necessarily clash. In addition, they involve a meeting of the more classic users who prefer a direct, in-person contact and the new model of worker who has grown up with the current digital structure.    

What is a hybrid event ?

A hybrid event aims to join together the best of the in-person and online modes. They fuse a real and digital interactivity thanks to two different ways of approaching the needs of the user. On the one hand there is a schedule to organise the in-person part and another for the digital part as well. Both finally come together in the same concept.      

What advantages does a hybrid event offer ?

This type of hybrid event is capable of adapting itself to the needs of the users and of accommodating a wider age spectrum. A greater number of users can be reached in a more economical way and the experience can be personalised depending on the type of user. It is also capable of internationalizing the action at a  lower cost without sacrificing the needs of those companies who do wish to or are able to attend in-person.  

All of this implies the possibility to be transversal not only in traditional-digital or old-new concepts but also in local-international , large-small, or economical-premuim.

MICE events are increasingly evolving towards these types of hybrid events, where the advantages of face-to-face and digital unite to reach a public which is more and more heterogeneuos and segmented.

Picture: Luis Quintero on Pexels

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