Humour at corporate events: Keys to success 

Gone are the days when a company and its workers faced meetings and corporate events with sobriety. It is increasingly common to establish a transversal line between the professional and the personal. As a consequence of this, the events which companies stage for their clients or their workers are more original and relaxed and it is more common to create this relaxed atmosphere through the use of humour.      

Consequently, we consider that events with entertainment and humour are perfectly compatible with corporate meetings for employees or investors.

Advantages of using humour in corprorate events

Let us see why it can be interesting to use these types of actions to liven up our company events:

  • Breaking  the ice with strangers:
    A humorous show at the right moment is capable of achieving a far more relaxed atmosphere by generating triggers for interaction between strangers. It can be useful in situations where the atmosphere might otherwise be somewhat cold with guests who do not know each other, as long as the context and the type of attendee allows it.
  • Laughter is a pleasurable feeling:
    When we laugh, we enter an indescribable state of pleasure. Laughing in public helps to break certain social barriers and makes us  feel more at ease. 
  • Humour is a great enhancer for memory:
    Selective memory allows us  to forget the most difficult moments in the same way that we remember with greater clarity the times when we were enjoying ourselves. By means of laughter we can make a celebration memorable.

Tips for putting on a humourous show at your event

Humour is the key to achieving a relaxed atmosphere but we must also select the perfect humourist In order to do this, you should apply  the following advice.   

  • Know the type of show offered:
    Few people know the idiosyncracies of a company and its clients better than the staff of Human Resources and Marketing or even the directors of the company. Likewise, the  figure of  the Event Manager must also be familiar with this.Using this knowledge, we have to search for an event in line with the activity of the company and the tastes and behaviours of the clients, shareholders or employees. 

    In many cases , humour treads a fine line which may touch upon the irreverent or the poltically incorrect. As a result of this,it is important to understand the degree of permissiveness of our guests in relation to certain topics and act in consequence to this. 
  • The show must connect with the attendees  or with the theme of the event:
    An event has to tell a story. It must therefore have a common thread which guides the thoughts of our guests towards an objective ( enhance an idea, generate a sale…). If we provide a humourous show , it must not deviate from the storytelling of the celebration.
  • It must be held in a space which does not distract the attention of the audience from other questions:
    On occasions it may happen that different combined elements of entertainment end up overlapping and the power of this is diluted. Therefore, it is important to generate an atmosphere where the show is the principal element, without the distractions that may be generated by, for example a free bar or food service. 

Your brand loved by the consumer…when you use a little humour 

Undoubtedly these events based on humour are capable of promoting the brand with your guests and facilitating relations among them, but they must be used intelligently.

If you are thinking of organizing an event of this type, we invite you to contact us so that we can offer you the best personalised service through our Tailormade Party model. We also  have available a wide range of both small and large spaces for all types of events. We look forward to seeing you!

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