the perfect venue for your corporate event.

How to choose the perfect place for your corporate event

What are the most important aspects for the organisation of an event? If we made a list of the most important ones, the place to hold the event would be among the top ones. So in this post we are going to tackle the subject of how to choose the perfect place for a corporate event, considering aspects such as the objectives, place, capacity… we will also talk about the services that must be offered to adapt to the needs of the event and of your guests.

Let us have a look at some tips: 

How to choose the location of an event

Choosing the location of the event is one of the first organisational tasks we must carry out. Let us take a look at the steps to bear in mind in order to choose where. 

Establish the objectives 

The objectives set out for the event are largely responsible for choosing the location of the event. Some specific requirements will need particular services and conditions.There are a number of objectives which typically appear when organising corporate events:  

  • Present a brand or service.
  • Generate professional contacts.
  • Increase client fidelity with the brand.
  • Educate or train the attendees with regard to a particular subject.

In this respect we can recommend our post about types of corporate events.

Consider the location

The place must be reasonably accessible for the guests. In the case of national or international events, proximity to and connections with trains or airports is particularly important, as is the availability of nearby hotels, restaurants and basic services. 

In this regard, it is especially interesting to find spaces known as “All in One“ , which are event celebration spaces capable of offering all the necessary services where the complete experience can be staged. Here we will explain what the All in One event space celebration concept consists of.

Fix the number of attendees

Having an approximate number of attendees will dictate the necessary capacity for holding the event, and therefore the choice of one venue or another. Consequently, it is advisable to find, on the websites that offer places for celebrating events, a section for each space which indicates  the maximum capacity. In fact, at Grand Luxor Mice, we do this in our event celebration spaces section, as well as with our intelligent search engine on the top bar of the site.

Consider the layout of the site and the needs

A conference is not the same as a mass event or a meeting for directors. It is therefore important to understand the needs of the event and consequently, the characteristics the venue must have. Select a venue which lends itself to the requirements. A gala dinner, an outdoor cocktail, a meeting for business people, a team building session or the presentation of an automobile are very different events which will require different spaces.

What infrastructure will I need? 

Electrical sockets, electronic equipment, a catering area… You must also choose the event space in accordance with the technical needs or services you will have to cater for.  

There are many types of services or infrastructures which these spaces can offer: catering, restaurant, bar, audiovisual tools, attendants, translation service, transport for guests, accommodation, parking, Wifi access to internet and even sports and leisure services. Determine what you need and choose the space accordingly. 

Are you clear about the style of the event?

If we move on to the aesthetic aspect, we will have to choose a place which adapts itself to the spirit or “look and feel“ of the brand or at least one which we can personalise in order to achieve this. There are many ways to define a style or mark the general tone of the event. In fact, you can see the current trends of event organisation in a previous post of ours.

Similarly, we can recommend several original company events which will undoubtedly leave an unforgettable memory of the event with your guests.

The budget is crucial

With these types of actions, the budget always ends up taking on great importance as a conditioning factor. The expectations will have to be adjusted in line with the amount of money available for the event. It goes without saying that the budget is one of the aspects that has a greater impact on the conditions when preparing an event. With this in mind, we can recommend an earlier post where we speak about how to draw up a budget for a corporate event.

Ask for opinions and references 

Using your contacts, find out about the event space or simply check to see which other brands have celebrated their events there. This is a way of measuring the reliability and experience of the venue. In fact, the recommendation of aquaintances and professionals from the sector is one of the most highly considered aspects when hiring a service of this type, together with the impressions given when visiting the place for the first time; something which we will mention in the last point.  

Visit the venue

Before taking a firm decision, do not forget to make a personal visit to the site. When you do this you can meet the staff. This is without doubt the best recommendation we can make to you.  

There are few things more reliable than our own experience when we see a site, get to know the facilities, find out about the conditions and meet the staff who are in charge of the space. Do they have a helpful attitude? Do you notice their professionalism and experience when responding to your needs? Having narrowed down the options, visiting several places will give us the answer to which the best place to celebrate our corporate event is.