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What is the concept of All in One in the MICE sector ?

In the last few decades, the MICE sector has experienced substantial growth given the capital importance of companies and brands of connecting in a more engaging way with their employees, clients or investors. This year on year growth suffered a sudden setback as a consequence of the health crisis in 2020 but now with the normalization of social activity, the forecast is for the pre-pandemic figures to be recovered in the year 2023. 

We expect  that the activity will recover with the same strength it already had in 2019 but adopting certain traits in some activities which have now come to stay.  

Hybrid events in a single celebration

One of these is hybrid events which mix  face to face and digital events in the same celebration. Given this new reality, companies and organizations will have an increasing demand for event spaces which are prepared for large scale acts and at the same time, spaces with the capacity to combine both realities. On the one hand, offering ample spaces for the celebration of events on a large scale , and on the other, being equipped with the latest technology which allows them to respond to the digital demand to stage multimedia events or events broadcast live via streaming platforms.   

More demanding clients

Indeed, the fact that many events which were previously face to face , have now become hybrid, will make those people that attend an event in person demand a satisfactory experience which is able to justify travelling to the event. This translates into sensations which can only be transmitted in a live context.

The connections, location and the services will be key to warranting the journey to the physical event by the user. This means the place where the event space is situated, and also the connections with the main means of transport. Here is where the All in One concept in a MICE event is decisive.

MICE spaces with accommodation

All in One refers to an event space which offers all the necessary services for the attendees and organisers. This not only refers to the technical resources but also the logistics. A space capable of hosting large celebrations, receiving the guests with accommodation for one or several nights, offering a restaurant service and leisure options (both for the event itself and for free time) and a transport service which transfers the guests to and from the event venue.   

In Grand Luxor Hotel Business & Events we firmly believe in the “All in One“ concept as the winning combination for the staging of all types of events. For that reason we offer this integral service which covers among other things:  

  • More than 200,000 m2 of exterior space.
  • An important convention centre of 2,500m2.
  • Possibility of accommodation in hotel rooms or private villas.
  • Possibility also of a completely private and themed use of the hotel for exclusive private events.
  • Restaurant service
  • Transport service from and to Grand Luxor Hotel Business & Events.
  • High technology audiovisual service.
  • Restaurant and catering services.
  • Laundry and dry-cleaning
  • SPA and swimming pool
  • Leisure activities on-site.

If you need further  information for your or your brand´s next event, please do not hesitate to contact us. Via our Project Managers we will offer you all the guidance you need.

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